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Land Rush
AFRICA: Regulating the Rush for Land
A very useful article by Jessica McDiarmid AFRICA: Regulating the Rush for Land
20 Sep, 2015
Small Farmers’ Loss of Land Increases World Hunger
"The world is increasingly hungry because small farmers are losing access to farmland. Small farmers produce most of the world's food but are now squeezed onto less than 25 percent of the world's farmland, a new report reveals. Corporate and commercial farms, big biofuel operations and land...
20 Sep, 2015
Land Rush - Why Poverty? (Video)
75% of Mali's population are farmers, but rich, land-hungry nations like China and Saudi Arabia are leasing Mali's land in order to turn large areas into agribusiness farms. Many Malian peasants do not welcome these efforts, seeing them as yet another manifestation of imperialism. As Mali...
20 Sep, 2015
Stealing Africa - Why Poverty? (Video)
Rüschlikon is a village in Switzerland with a very low tax rate and very wealthy residents. But it receives more tax revenue than it can use. This is largely thanks to one resident - Ivan Glasenberg, CEO of Glencore, whose copper mines in Zambia are not generating a large bounty tax revenue for...
20 Sep, 2015