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Global Matters
Planet Earth 100 Million Years In The Future
Video produced by World Geographic Channel
03 Sep, 2015
David Attenborough: The Truth About Climate Change (BBC - Part 2)
Two part documentary presented by Sir David Attenborough - The Truth About Climate Change (Part 2). Like us https://www.facebook.com/CarbonControl Follow us https://twitter.com/CarbonControl
03 Sep, 2015
LATEST A-Level Physics Quiz: Work, Energy, Power
The latest A-level Physics Quiz is now available : Work, Energy, Power http://www.e-physics.org.uk/quizzes/energypower/
01 Mar, 2016
Flipbooks : Adaptations
Here are three flipbooks. Should also work on mobile devices.... Topic : Adaptations http://www.e-teach.org.uk/flip3/adaptations3.html http://www.e-teach.org.uk/flip2/adaptations2b.html http://www.e-teach.org.uk/flip/adaptations1.html
04 Mar, 2016
A-Level Physics Revision Topic: CIE: Vectors and Scalars (with questions/answers)
Here is a useful resource, including Dr.Overy's revision quiz, for Vectors and Scalars http://www.webschool.org.uk/revision/scalvector
14 Mar, 2016
Where can I find Creative Commons and Public Domain Resources for use in my projects?
Here are a number of places where you can find Creative Commons and Public Domain resources for use in projects. Creative Commons search (search.creativecommons.org) Flickr (image sharing site) (www.flickr.com/creativecommons) Photos for Class (photosforclass.com) Photos for Work...
09 Apr, 2016
A-Level Physics : Measurements and their errors (Quiz/Revision Questions)
Here is the latest revision quiz to support AQA Physics 7407/7408 Topic : Measurements and their errors http://www.e-physics.org.uk/quizzes/measure
11 Jun, 2016
The Global Learning Project
Here is a very useful resource for teachers and students at http://glp.globaldimension.org.uk/ "The Global Learning Programme (GLP) is building a national network of like-minded schools, committed to equipping their pupils to make a positive contribution to a globalised world by helping...
29 Oct, 2017
World Cities Day (2017)
The United Nations General Assembly has designated the 31st of October (2017) as World Cities Day. The Day is expected to greatly promote the international community’s interest in global urbanization, push forward cooperation among countries in meeting opportunities and addressing...
29 Oct, 2017

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