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Science, Technology and Society
Intelligent Design v Evolution
Science Education, Intelligent Design and Creationism Is there a place for Intelligent Design in a school Science Curriculum? The teaching of evolution is well embedded in the science curriculum in the UK. The Association for Science Education, has issued a statement relating to the o­ngoing...
10 Aug, 2014
Appropriate Technology
Appropriate Technology is used to solve technological problems throughout the world, by providing sustainable solutions that are beneficial to the local community, and which are sensitive to the need to reduce environmental pollution, by using renewable sources of energy and recycling materials...
10 Aug, 2014
Evolution of the Eye
How could the complex human eye have evolved through natural selection acting o­n small variations? The complex structure and mechanism of the eye is often the focus of attack by those wishing to invoke the ‘intelligent design’ argument. The critics argue that something so complex as the eye...
27 Aug, 2014
Evidence for Evolution
The following websites provide useful information resources for the evidence for evolution.... Becoming Human is a superb resource. A fascinating journey through the story of human evolution. Excellent use of multimedia resources. Another gem from The Arizona State University Other...
28 Aug, 2014
Where can I find resources for citizenship?
Here is a very useful website for resources for citizenship http://www.citizenshipresources.co.uk/resources/
16 Sep, 2014
Epic failures in 'new' technology (video)
When 'new' technology fails....
15 Sep, 2015
Blood Diamonds
A Case Study for teachers and students : http://webspace.oise.utoronto.ca/~benczela//STSE-NoST_CaseMethods/STEPWISE-CaseMethod_BloodDiamonds.pdf
15 Sep, 2015
Genetically Modified Foods (Case Study)
Resource for teachers and students, provided by STSE Education Link to the Case Study: http://webspace.oise.utoronto.ca/~benczela//STSE-NoST_CaseMethods/STEPWISE-CaseMethod_GMfoods.pdf
15 Sep, 2015