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LATEST Revision Quiz for GCSE Physics : Electrical Circuits (3)
Latest Quiz for GCSE Physics : Electrical Circuits (3) http://www.e-physics.org.uk/quizzes/electcirc3/
06 May, 2016
Presentation : The Very Large Array (New Mexico)
Here is a presentation about The Very Large Array (VLA), which is located in New Mexico, USA Includes : Embedded Quiz and video (link) http;//www.webschool.org.uk/vla Another version including a slideshow and (optional) background music is available at : ...
22 May, 2016
Origin of Spectacular Sunsets
13 Dec, 2016
The Athens Marathon
23 Dec, 2016
GCSE Biology revision: Homeostasis and the function of the kidneys
The latest revision activity for GCSE Biology is .... Homeostasis and the function of the kidneys at www.e-teach.org.uk/biology/kidneys/
26 Dec, 2016
Interactive Videos for Physics
Here is a superb set of interactive videos provided by the University of Colorado at https://phet.colorado.edu/ These have been converted to HTML5 to make them available across platforms and devices. Here is one example: Gravity Force Lab
12 Aug, 2017
A-Level Physics : Measurements and their Errors (Presentation + Revision Questions for AQA 7407 )
The latest A-level Physics Resource is now available. It is a presentation intended for AQA A-level Physics 7407/7408 It includes an embedded set of revision questions http://www.e-teach.org/measurements/
09 Sep, 2017
Revision for GCSE/IGCSE Physics : MOTION
A revision presentation, including a set of questions, is now available for GCSE/IGCSE Physics on the topic MOTION at http://www.e-physics.org.uk/quizzes/motion
02 Apr, 2018

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