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Air Quality
Lichens as Indicators of Air Quality
You don't need expensive equipment to do research into air pollution. Lichens are good indicators of air quality..... Lichens consist of two organisms living together in harmony, supporting each other's needs in order to survive. This is commonly called a symbiotic association. The fungus part of...
23 Sep, 2015
Airline Air Quality : What's the Problem?
Your flight journey for that healthy vacation could be very unhealthy. After all, you have to breathe! What exactly are you breathing? Off o­n holiday? Remember you need to breathe in the cabin! Many scientists, aircrew, and a large number of passengers, are becoming increasingly...
29 Aug, 2014
Air Quality : England
Providing at-a-glance air quality information for a variety of local authorities & the private sector across England http://www.airqualityengland.co.uk/
11 Sep, 2015
Air quality and emissions statistics (UK)
This series contains national and official statistics on the emission and concentrations of major atmospheric pollutants. There are many sources of air pollution, including power stations, traffic, household heating, agriculture and industrial processes. ...
11 Sep, 2015
The end for diesel cars?
Useful resources in the light of the VW pollution scandal ..... "Regulators around the world and Volkswagen's shareholders have now clocked the seriousness of the crisis that started enveloping the company. The admission that it had installed so-called "defeat software" ( or a defeat device ) on...
23 Sep, 2015
Air Pollution Information System
Air pollution is one of the major environmental issues in the UK, with impacts occurring at local, regional and global scales. Much is known about the impacts on natural heritage features, with major steps already being taken in the development of abatement strategies both at national and...
23 Sep, 2015