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NextVista library of free videos for education

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Last updated: 07 Aug, 2014

Next Vista     http://www.nextvista.org/ 

NextVista provides an an excellent collection of free videos for teachers and students. These free videos for learners are made by students or teachers around the world.

Here is an online community willing to share educational videos . All  videos are screened for  inappropriate and inaccurate content.

There are three main video classifications that Next Vista uses.

1. The Light Bulbs  category provides a collection of videos that teach you how to do something and/or provides an explanation of a topic.

The Global Views   category  provides a global focus, with the aim of  promoting understanding of cultures around the world.

3. The Seeing Service    category proves examples of how people are working to make a difference in the lives of others.

Article ID: 13
Last updated: 07 Aug, 2014
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