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Harnessing Chemicals : Links

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Last updated: 10 Sep, 2014

Section 1

Activity AA4.2 Chemicals for decoration and protection

Activity AA4.3 Chemicals in our food

Activity AA4.4 Purifying sand from the seaside

Activity AA4.5 Crystallisation

Activity AA4.6 Chemicals from plants

Section 2: The chemical industry

Section 5: Making useful chemicals: salts

Activity AA4.17 Making soluble salts (method 1)

Activity AA4.18 Making soluble salts (method 2)

Activity AA4.19 Making insoluble salts

Section 5: Making useful chemicals: esters

Activity AA4.22 Making alcohol

Activity AA4.23 Making esters

Section 7: Formulations and effectiveness

Activity AA4.27 Making low-sodium salt

Activity AA4.28 Making and testing antacid remedies

Activity AA4.30 Making cosmetics

Section 9: Sustainable synthesis

Activity AA4.33 Greener alcohol?

Activity AA4.34 Sweeter syrups

Article ID: 155
Last updated: 10 Sep, 2014
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