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AQA Resource Materials for KS4 Science
08 Sep, 2014
Here is a very useful set of resources for AQA Science http://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/science/steps-to-success-in-science including Exam Techniques Revision Materials Working Scientifically Literacy Resources
Radio Stations
07 Sep, 2014
Favourite Radio Stations added http://globalmatters.org/topics/index.php?CategoryID=94
Ben Ryder's A-Level Physics Revision
04 Sep, 2014
Here is an excellent of Revision Videos for A-Level Physics http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL61CrQOkiliuvnn-QwmhtNHaU6WCYhDjl Here is an example:
Flickr Images
29 Aug, 2014
Flickr Images are located at http://www.flickr.com/photos/mjovery
Download Zone now open....
27 Aug, 2014
The download area is now open. New files are being uploaded. http://globalmatters.org/topics/index.php?View=files
Glossary added....
25 Aug, 2014
The new Glossary is based on derivations from "The Language of Measurement: Terminology used in school science investigations" published by The Association for Science Education (ASE), 2010. ISBN 978 0 86357 424 5
Dome Home in 'Off-Grid Living' (The Guardian, 14th April 2014)
22 Aug, 2014
Here is a recent article about Off-Grid Living which appeared in The Guardian in April 2014 Off-grid living: it’s time to take back the power from the energy companies An image of the dome home in Arizona is included Off-grid living: it’s time to take back the power from the energy...
Do you have a handbook for A-Level Physics?
04 Aug, 2014
Studying Physics A-level this year? You can now download the Physics Handbook....... Download the Physics A-level Handbook (Version 2) for students from here (doc) or here (pdf)
How do animals and plants adapt and survive?
04 Aug, 2014
We have three presentations available o­nline. They provide information about how various animals and plants adapt to their environment to survive, often in harsh conditions....These presentations were developed by Year 8 students at North Chadderton School, with a little help from their...
What is Global Dimming?
04 Aug, 2014
What exactly is global dimming? Global dimming is a recently discovered phenomenon that reduces the amount of solar radiation reaching the surface of our planet. Until recently, scientists had dismissed the published evidence, since it directly opposed the evidence and observations for global...

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