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UNIT 1 : Biology 1 (BL1)
Revision Notes for AQA GCSE Biology Unit 1 (BL1)
Here is an excellent set of revision notes for AQA Biology BL1 https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/aqa-gcse-biology-unit-1-revision-notes-6037453
19 Sep, 2015
B1.1 Notes and Active Links
Keeping Healthy A combination of a balanced diet and regular exercise is needed to help keep the body healthy. Our bodies provide an excellent environment for many microbes which can make us ill once they are inside us. Our bodies need to stop most microbes getting in and deal with any...
22 Sep, 2015
B1.2 Notes and Active Links (Part 1)
B1.2 How our bodies defend themselves against infectious diseases Candidates should be able to: * relate the contribution of Semmelweis (Ignaz Semmelweis) in controlling infection to solving modern problems with the spread of infection in hospitals * explain how the treatment of disease...
22 Sep, 2015
B1.2 Notes and Active Links (Part 2)
Students should know that: ....... (h) Some medicines, including painkillers, help to relieve the symptoms of infectious disease, but do not kill the pathogens. Antibiotics, including penicillin, are medicines that help to cure bacterial disease by killing infectious bacteria inside the body....
30 Sep, 2015
B1.2 Notes and Active Links (Part 3)
Students should know that.... (k ) The development of antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria necessitates the development of new antibiotics (l ) People can be immunised against a disease by introducing small quantities of dead or inactive forms of the pathogen into the body (vaccination)....
30 Sep, 2015
B1.2.1 The Nervous System: Notes and links
a) The nervous system enables humans to react to their surroundings and coordinate their behaviour b) Cells called receptors detect stimuli (changes in the environment). Receptors and the stimuli they detect include: â–  receptors in the eyes that are sensitive to light â– ...
01 Oct, 2015
B1.2.2 Control in the Human Body (Part 1 ) : Notes and Active links
Students should know that ...... a) Internal conditions that are controlled include: ■ the water content of the body – water leaves the body via the lungs when we breathe out and via the skin when we sweat to cool us down, and excess water is lost via the kidneys in the urine ...
01 Oct, 2015
B.1.2.2 Control in the Human Body (Part 2)
e) The uses of hormones in controlling fertility include: ■ giving oral contraceptives that contain hormones to inhibit FSH production so that no eggs mature – oral contraceptives may contain oestrogen and progesterone to inhibit egg maturation – the first birth-control pills...
02 Oct, 2015
B1.2.3 Control in Plants : Notes and Active Links
a) Plants are sensitive to light, moisture and gravity: â–  their shoots grow towards light and against the force of gravity â–  their roots grow towards moisture and in the direction of the force of gravity. b) Plants produce hormones to coordinate and control growth. Auxin controls...
02 Oct, 2015
GCSE/IGCSE Biology Revision: Food Science
The latest revision topic (questions) can be found here or click on the image below.... An alternative source for this activity is located here
06 Oct, 2019

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